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Since 1966, the Festival has supported more than
$1.5 million in projects throughout Roswell…

Since its founding, the Roswell Recreation Association has worked tirelessly to raise money to support the Roswell Recreation, Parks, Historic and Cultural Affairs Department. Among its first projects, the Association built Roswell’s first tennis courts, a little league field, and paid part of the salary for Roswell’s first Recreation and Park Director’s salary.  In 1966, the Association began the Roswell Arts Festival, the first arts festival held north of the Chattahoochee River, as a way to promote arts in Roswell and raise funds for recreation and parks in Roswell. 


The Roswell Arts Festival has been so successful; it is the only fundraising initiative of the Association.  Over the years, the more than $1 million raised have been used to help purchase park land, playground equipment, spraygrounds, meditative gardens, and many other projects that have benefitted residents of all ages in Roswell.  Festival funds have contributed to the following projects:


  • Roswell Area Park Football Field Press Box update

  • Outdoor tables for Jeff Pruitt Memorial Plaza

  • Serenity garden at Roswell Area Park

  • Adaptive field at Waller Park Extension

  • Therapeutic pool at Adult Recreation Center

  • Outdoor fitness equipment at Roswell Area Park

  • Shade covers at sprayground and various playgrounds

  • Easels for visual arts program at Adult Recreation Center

  • Support activities Friends of Roswell Parks

  • Riverside Sprayground

  • Leita Thompson Memorial Garden

  • Playground equipment at Chattahoochee River Park

  • Furnishing and equipment at Adult Recreation Center

  • Construction of Adult Recreation Center

  • Purchase of Trust for Public Land property along Chattahoochee River

  • Purchase of property for Grimes Bridge Park

  • Purchase of property for athletic field

  • Don White Memorial Fund Donation for improvements at Hembree Park

  • Visual Arts Center Donation

  • Start-up donation for Roswell Trail System

  • Donation for Visual Arts Center

  • Parks Master Plan

  • Site Plan for Sloan Street Park

  • Carpeting for Physical Activity Center

  • Matching funds for construction of the Roswell Physical Activity Center

  • Phase I construction of East Roswell Park, including playground and six athletic fields

  • Renovation of old Mill Dam and Vickery Creek Park

  • Purchase of 9.37 additional acres for Roswell Area Park

  • Bicentennial renovations of Historic Town Square

  • Construction of an athletic field at Roswell Area Park

  • Equipping Roswell Area Park Pool

  • Purchase of 63 acres for Roswell Area Park

  • Funds for 1st Recreation and Parks Master Plan

  • Construction of Waller Park

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